The Company For Your Life

The Tobinco Group Of Companies is a fast growing, dynamic set of companies that looks after your family's needs.

From birth and for the rest of their lives, we aim to be the partner that our customers turn to in times of need; from healthcare to finance to entertainment.
Our philosophy is to provide outstanding service, to offer great value and to produce the best and safest products. Always.
We always seek to innovate and strive for improvements. When a new product or service is launched we make sure that it is 100 percent ready.
Tobinco Group was incorporated on XXXXX and is the holding company of the Group of Companies. The original entity was TOBINCO CHEMICAL COMPANY which was established in 1994 and was the first company Mr. Samuel Amo Tobbin registered to begin his journey of business achievements that are one of the great success stories of poor to riches in our time. Through a tenacious appetite to succeed, Samuel Tobbin not only thrived on hard work and respect of his fellow working colleagues he is also a devoted Christian and has philanthropist tenets to giving generously to those less fortunate than himself.

Even as a small one chemical shop owner his generosity was renowned, he gave and he received. Greater rewards followed through his Christian beliefs and he continue to build not only the chemical to pharmaceuticals business but then went on to apply business integration, which led to first insurance then banking, building, events organising and finally into the media network comprising of FM radio stations and his own television station.
The Tobinco Group currently consists of nine operating subsidiaries, namely:

  • Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • AbII National Bank
  • Priority Insurance
  • Toblues properties Ltd
  • Dor e Events & Beauty Complex
  • Entrance Pharmaceutical & Reseach
  • Atinka Media Village:-
    • Atinka FM Accra
    • Atinka FM Takoradi
    • Atinka FM Kumasi
    • Atinka TV
Further subsidiary companies are being added in the Mining, Agriculture and Food Production and Packaging Industries. As these companies develop they will be added to the Tobinco Group stable of thoroughbred activities showing to the world we have capability and the capacity to match the best in the world. We are Ghana. We are Africa.
Our corporate values are very important to us, they define who we are as a company and they define our interactions with the world at large.

Financial Discipline Our financial disciplines not only reflect in our work but also in our advice and support to our customer and clients.
Importance We treat our staff as important to our operations and they treat your smallest request is important to all of us.
Respect We respect you, our customer and client, our workers and our environment but most of all we respect life as our god as willed to us.
Safety Safety is paramount to our operations. It extends from our workplace to our homes and most importantly to you where we influence your safety in all of our activities.
Trust Trust is the supreme value to be endowed to all who are touched by any of the Tobinco Group activities.
Yes! Tobinco Group will be first with our clients, customer and our workers.