The History of the Tobinco Group of Companies
T he history of The Tobinco Group of Companies dates back to 1994 when Mr. Samuel Amo Tobbin began his journey in business. With a clear vision of one day owning his own Pharmaceutical Company, Mr. Tobbin opened a chemical shop at Darkoman, a suburb of Accra in Ghana. After much hard work, a few years later, in 1997, Mr. Tobbin was able to open his second shop at Kotobabi.
With careful planning, these shops were converted to pharmacies to serve their local communities and in January 2003, after journeying to many places in his quest to own his own pharmaceutical company, Samuel Tobbin duly registered Tobinco Pharmaceutical Limited.

With an unwavering faith in God and in the abilities that God had blessed him with, Mr.
Sam Tobin worked with diligence and integrity and built a business to serve the community that had nurtured him as a child. He continued to work hard and ultimately was able to build a company capable of serving the wider community of Ghana.

The Tobinco Group of Companies has not happened by chance, it by the grace of God and through much hard work, planning and dedication that today the Tobinco Group of Companies enjoys such success and looks forward to a bright and prosperous future.

By building strong relationships with customers and suppliers, by nurturing those relationships, Mr. Tobbin has created a company with a very bright future.

Your Partner For Life!