Abii National

Abii National is proud to be counted as a member of the Tobinco Group Of Companies, a fast growing, dynamic group of companies that looks after your and all your family's needs from birth and for the rest of their lives.

As one Ghana's leading companies, we are totally committed to providing the best quality services to our customers and are 100 percent focused on our goal of ensuring that world class standards of service are provided in Ghana.

TGC is the result of many years of dedication by our CEO, Mr. Samuel Tobbin. We are a forward thinking, professional company. Our innovative approach and business model helps us to deliver a superior level of service, customer satisfaction and, above all, makes us the company for your life!


The financial company for your life!

Abii National Bank is one of the fastest growing companies in the banking sector in Ghana. Our growth is driven by a simplified, customer oriented approach to retail banking. We offer a wide range of financial products and services with a more personal feel. Our goal is to make banking easier by offering more flexible and convenient ways to borrow, spend and save.

Learn About Abii National's Financial Products
ABii National is a Savings and Loans Company was founded in 2011 and licensed under the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Law, 2008, (Act 774) to provide financial services to the public.

As a financial institution supervised by Bank of Ghana, it is authorized to take deposits from the general public and institutions, give out loans and offer other financial services just like any other bank. ABii National, however, undertakes clearing, direct foreign transfers and other forms of international trade through our partnering banks.

At ABii National, products and services are structured to enable customers enjoy the benefits of one-stop financial solutions. These financial solutions are anchored on the core values of the company, these are integrity, customer focus, service, creativity and accountability.

We offer customised solutions to address each customer’s particular challenges, needs and capacity without constraining the customers’ ability to become competitive. Our uniqueness in providing one-stop financing solutions is due to our highly motivated professional staff (with proven track records and expertise in delivering cutting edge solutions). We take the view that each customer’s needs provide us with an opportunity to deliver services in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Company also provides investments with varying maturities priced at highly competitive rates with unique and flexible liquidation terms. At ABii National the size of your business and your standing in society should not be a hindrance in achieving your financial goals.

The Financial Company For Your Life!
Our Vision

To be the most desired indigenous Ghanaian bank, partnering with our customers to UNLOCK their financial potential and be the KEY to excellent banking. >

Our Mission

ABii National aims to become a first class universal bank of choice by deploying the best personnel and technology to deliver excellent banking services to all customers thus increasing shareholders value. >

Our Core Values

Customer Focused – We put our customers first and always consider their needs in all our decision making.
Integrity – We demonstrate openness, fairness and honesty in all we do and value customer confidentiality above all.
Services – We maintain and review a broad range of products and services that meet the needs of our valued customers.
Creativity – We are constantly seeking to innovate and make maximum effective use of technology and education to create new products that benefit our customers.
Accountability – We accept responsibility for our work, our products and services and strive to perform to the highest standard.

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