Entrance Pharmaceuticals & Research Centre

Entrance Pharmaceuticals & Research Centre is proud to be a member of the Tobinco Group Of Companies, a fast growing, dynamic group of companies that looks after all your family's needs from birth and for the rest of their lives.

As one Ghana's leading companies, we are totally committed to providing the best quality services to our customers and are 100 percent focused on our goal of ensuring that world class standards of service are provided in Ghana.

TGC is the result of many years of dedication by our CEO, Mr. Samuel Tobbin. We are a forward thinking, professional company. Our innovative approach and business model helps us to deliver a superior level of service, customer satisfaction and, above all, makes us the company for your life!


The medical research company for your life!

Entrance Pharmaceuticals & Research Centre is a leading producer of pharmaceutical products in West Africa with dedicated facilities for both production and innovative research and is the manufacturing subsidiary of the Tobinco Group of Companies, commissioned in the first quarter of 2014.

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The company’s goal is to become the largest producer of high quality, affordable pharmaceuticals to the African market, and a leader in international standards. Entrance Industries aims at WHO pre-qualification which will enable the company to participate in international procurement mechanisms.

The company manufactures non-sterile preparations, including anti-malarials, antiretrovirals and other essential medicines in line with WHO recommendations. Dedicated facilities have been provided for the manufacture of beta-lactams (penicillin) and non-beta-lactams (non-penicillin).

With a vision of significantly building up the capacity of the local Pharmaceutical industry, Entrance Industries has incorporated into its set up a Research centre in collaboration with the University of Ghana School of Pharmacy. The Research Centre is equipped with the most modern equipment and facilities to help advance studies in Pharmaceutics and product development.

The Medical Research Company For Your Life!
Entrance Pharmaceuticals and Research Centre is committed to ensuring that every product it manufactures and distributes will consistently meet the highest industry standards of quality, efficacy and safety. The company is fully committed to the distribution of quality assured and affordable healthcare products throughout Africa.

Entrance Pharmaceuticals follows ICH Q10 guideline for maintenance of Quality Management System. The Company is also committed to following all quality systems and guidelines as prescribed by the WHO and the International Standards Organization.

The quality management system at EPRC involves every worker up to and including including top management in the conduction of management reviews and quality audits, total compliance to cGMP, execution of the company’s quality manual and independent working activity of QA, QC and production.
The installed capacities at Entrance Pharmaceuticals and Research Centre are as follows:

Oral Tablets4 million tabs but made provision for 6million per shift
Oral capsules0.32 million caps but made provision for 1.44million per shift
Oral liquids0.120 million bottles(100ml) per shift
Ointments and creams0.02 million tubes per shift
Oral sachets0.06 million per shift
Oral powder for suspension9,600 bottles per shift

Oral Tablets0.8 million tabs per shift
Oral capsules0.720 million caps per shift
Dry Powder9,600 bottles per shift but made provision for 19,200 bottles

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