Tobinco Pharmaceuticals

Tobinco Pharmaceuticals is proud to be counted as a member of the Tobinco Group Of Companies, a fast growing, dynamic group of companies that looks after your and all your family's needs from birth and for the rest of their lives.

As one Ghana's leading companies, we are totally committed to providing the best quality services to our customers and are 100 percent focused on our goal of ensuring that world class standards of service are provided in Ghana.

TGC is the result of many years of dedication by our CEO, Mr. Samuel Tobbin. We are a forward thinking, professional company. Our innovative approach and business model helps us to deliver a superior level of service, customer satisfaction and, above all, makes us the company for your life!


The medical company for your life!

Entrance Pharmaceuticals & Research Centre is a leading producer of pharmaceutical products in West Africa with dedicated facilities for both production and innovative research and is the manufacturing subsidiary of the Tobinco Group of Companies, commissioned in the first quarter of 2014.

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Tobinco Pharmaceuticals dates back to 1994 when Mr. Samuel Amo Tobbin began this journey in business. With a clear vision of one day owning his own Pharmaceutical Company, Mr. Tobbin opened a chemical shop at Darkoman, a suburb of Accra in Ghana. After much hard work, a few years later, in 1997, Mr. Tobbin was able to open his second shop at Kotobabi.

With careful planning, these shops were converted to pharmacies to serve their local communities and in January 2003, after journeying to many places in his quest to own his own pharmaceutical company, Samuel Tobbin duly registered Tobinco Pharmaceutical Limited.

From this beginning, Tobinco Pharmaceuticals is now the largest producer and distributor of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in Ghana. An ambitious and dynamic company, our goal is to become the largest pharmaceutical company in Africa.

We strive to produce and distribute the safest and most effective pharmaceutical products available and make affordable healthcare a reality.

The Medical Company For Your Life!
The ore activity of the company is to distribute pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and allied household products and Tobinco Pharmaceuticals operates on sectorial basis in Ghana with six sectors:

1. The Southern sector operates in Accra and covers Greater Accra and Eastern Regions of Ghana
2. The Northern sector operates in Kumasi and covers the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions of Ghana
3. The Western sector operates in Takoradi and covers Western and Central Regions of Ghana
4. The Volta sector operates in Ho and covers only Volta Region of Ghana, 5. The Upper sector also operates in Tamale and covers Northern, Upper West and East Regions of Ghana
6. The Cosmetics sector operates in Accra and covers only the Greater Accra Region.

Our Product Range

Tobinco Pharmaceuticals has successfully developed strong brands of drugs and non-drugs, categorized as follows;

  • Anti-malarials (Lonart, Gvither, Gsunate Range, P-Alaxin, etc.)

  • Antibiotics (Amovulin, Funbact-A, Azirocin, etc.)

  • Analgesics (Lofnac, Blopen, etc.)

  • Gastro-intestinal (Ancigel O+, BG-Antacid Gel, etc.)

  • Diabetics and Anti-hypertensives (BG-Met, Amlocad, etc.)

  • Haematinics (Vital X, Alvite, Foligrow, etc.)

  • Cough and Cold (Kofof Range, Strobin Herbal, Fabrin)

  • Nutritional Supplements (Gudapet, Amitone, etc.)

  • Surgicals (Gauze Bandage, Abitos, etc.)

  • Cosmetics and Antiseptics

Currently TPL markets and distributes a total of over Two Hundred (200) products lines and still counting. All products listed are duly registered and certified by the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).
Our Corporate Philosophy & Core Values

Customer Focused – We always strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality and timely delivery of each of the services we provide.
Integrity – We are open about what we hope to achieve and we are honest in the way we try to achieve our goals.
Innovative – We are constantly researching to make meaningful changes to improve the quality, effectiveness, affordability and potency of our products and services. (Learn about Entrance Pharmaceutical & Research Centre.)
Excellence – We strive each and every day to be the best we can be and to produce the best standards of products and services, its why we are the medical company for your life.
Team Work – We collaborate regularly and work together to ensure that our standards are always high and always met.
Confidentiality – We are confidential and reliably so.
Commitment – We are dedicated to work. It is what we do and we want to be as good at it as we possibly can.
Employee Development – Without our employees we would be nothing. We make sure that we train and help with their development, both as employees and as individual people.

Core Competances

Value for Money
We employ a competitive pricing strategy to meet the pocket of the ordinary citizen and win increases in the market share of our products

Market Share Innovation
We possess a large share of the Ghanaian market for anti-malarial drugs and this highly profitable position leads to innovation and the release of new products.

Experienced and Enthusiastic Human Capital
Tobinco Pharmaceuticals invests a lot of resources, both time and money, into the training of our human capital to help them be the best and deliver excellence into the marketplace.

Core Activity

The core activity of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals is to distribute high quality pharmaceutical and allied household products.

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